Blake & Mortimer - Volume 10 - The Sarcophagi of the Sixth Continent (Part 2)

The 2nd book of the Wicked Worthingtons sense of wit and richly imbued with a surfeit of steamy sensuality, And Then Comes Marriage is too good to miss.

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Lately, Republicans have largely gone quiet since their pollsters warned them to knock it off. Spreading scare CQ Press Your definitive resource for politics, policy and people. Remember me? Back Institutional Login Please choose from an option shown below. Need help logging in? Click here. Don't have access? View purchasing options. Find in this title Show Hide Page Numbers. Newly elected congressman Ford Hollingsworth is Republican royalty.

The grandson of a revered governor and son of a respected senator, he was bred to value faith, family, and the goal of seeing a Hollingsworth in the White House. When Trevor and Ford meet, sparks fly and a strong friendship is formed. But can the billionaire son of a Democratic president build a family with the congressman son of a Republican senator?

Word count: 57, Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , pages. More Details Original Title. Washington, D. Other Editions 4. Friend Reviews.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Strange Bedfellows , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Cardeno C books are my crack. I've read nearly every single one, and I enjoyed them all. I liked this one too, but, as much as it pains me to say it, I didn't love it.

First, the positives: The relationship between Ford and Trevor is all kinds of gooey and spicy. While this book isn't quite as steamy as some of Cardeno's other books, it certainly includes some intense, dirty sex. Ford loves it when Trevor talks dirty, and so do I. And Ford's shy but oh-so-eager demeanor is all kinds of hawtt yes Cardeno C books are my crack. And Ford's shy but oh-so-eager demeanor is all kinds of hawtt yes, spelled just like that. I also liked Ford's parents, Mr. President, particularly his mother, who has a cunning blend of ruthlessness, smarts, and softness at least for her son that I found endearing.

But, hell, I love strong women. The ending is a HEA, of course, although I could have done without the epilogue. Not that it was bad, but it focused on Ford's political career, which I couldn't bring myself to care about. He's also a conservative Christian and prays all the time. And yet he has no problem embracing his sexuality and coming out to his parents. Yes, it takes him 37 years, but once he meets Trevor, it's all systems go. This didn't strike me as believable.

Conservative, religious Republicans in the U. The United States is polarized and bleeding at the seams, and I just couldn't see how the son of a Democratic president and a Republican representative had anything in common besides hot sex. It's not just labels; there are real issues at stake, including healthcare; a woman's jurisdiction over her body; a person's right to die with dignity; funding for Planned Parenthood, education, welfare, and early childhood programs vs.

None of this is touched upon. This book glides happily along the surface, and I found this unrealistic and more than a little frustrating even with my fiction shades firmly in place. That being said, many of the conversations between Ford and Trevor made me smile. I loved the scene where Ford opens the door in his pajamas and slippers, and Trevor salivates for his prim and proper man, stripping him of his pajama pants and nothing else. It helps that Trevor is a gillionaire and can call on his private jet to take him to Ford's doorstep whenever Ford is upset.

Hell, I'm feeling jipped! I would still recommend this book if you're a CC fan. It contains lots of charm, steamy lovin', and sweet feels. I am just very touchy when it comes to religion and politics, and couldn't get past it. View all 24 comments. Sep 19, Heather K dentist in my spare time rated it it was ok Shelves: contemporary , narrator-so-so , audiobook , did-not-finish , review-for-author , read-to-review-arc , romance , m-m. We have super high highs Perfect Imperfections and super low lows A Shot at Forgiveness and, honestly, not that much in between.

This is much more the latter. Sometimes with audiobook reviews I talk about the audio at the end of the review because it isn't the main factor in how I feel about a story. Ron Herczig was a bizarre narrator for me. I liked certain part of his performance, namely the tone of his voice.

When he was reading Trevor, I enjoyed the deep, raspy quality of his tone. However, I really hated the squeaky, and at times barely audible, voice of Ford. It sounded like a mouse or something, and it was actually difficult for me to catch some of the words because of the changes in volume when he switched from Trevor to Ford. However, the most annoying this about the narrator for me was the way he stressed certain words that I would never think to accent.

It was like, "We went to the It was exceedingly hard for me to concentrate on the story, and I was listening on a long car trip with no distractions. In fact, it was so annoying that I couldn't force myself to listen to the rest of the story on the way home, and I decided to just call it quits. In terms of the story, I just found that it stretched my imagination too far. The characterizations just didn't make sense to me. I didn't buy Ford's quasi in denial about being gay thing, but then me meets Trevor and it was like, "Heeeyyyy, I love penis!

View all 9 comments. Dec 28, Sophia Triad rated it really liked it Shelves: 2contemporary-lovestories. This is actually the first book that I have read by Cardeno C. And I truly liked it! And I have to emphasize that I hate politics. Together, wh This is actually the first book that I have read by Cardeno C.

Together, while they are falling in love, are sweet and funny. Jun 15, Debra rated it really liked it Shelves: m-m , arcs-and-for-review , ofy-gfy-notuntilyou , talk-dirty-to-me , reviewed-for-sinfully. Full review originally posted at Sinfully While the political landscape is the backdrop of this book, it is not a political book.

At 37 years old, Ford has stayed firmly in the closet, only daring for the occasional hookup, and believes that his dream of having a family of his own will never come true. Trevor is the opposite. Regardless of the fact that he is the only child of the sitting Democratic President of the United States, he stays far away from anything political. At 42 years old he is a self-made billionaire. As soon as he finds out the truth he panics. Trevor manages to talk him down and convince Ford that he is not out to destroy his career.

The two men are not often in the same place at the same time, and Ford needs to remain discreet. Luckily Trevor is one of the richest men in the country, owns a private jet and has access to rooms in any high end, discreet hotel he wants. Of course, this is a book with a political setting, so the potential for scandal on several different fronts is a big factor for everyone involved. I loved the chemistry between the shy buttoned up, bow tie wearing Ford and the fun loving, dirty talking Trevor.

The sex is hot and the banter between the two is fun and entertaining. The religious and political aspects of the story, while always present, never made me feel like I was being preached at or pushed in a certain direction. If you are a fan of Cardeno C or just a fan of sweet, sexy men falling in love despite their differences while having hot, dirty sex, on their way to happily ever after, you will definitely want to read this.

Dec 02, Tanu Gill rated it it was amazing. The reason being that I hate politics, and avoid any discussions like an ostrich burying its head in the sand. But one day, out of curiosity, I read some of the reviews made by other readers. It had been eating at me, that I wasn't giving this book a chance, so I did exactly that.

And I am happy to have made that decision. I loved Trevor and Ford. The shy and sincere side of Ford touched me deeply and also gelled it in my mind that is must be fiction, because for the life of me, I can never expect that nature to belong to a "politician". But that's just me being jaded. Trevor's quirkiness, and adamancy about staying away from politics which is so me , made me relate to him more than Ford.

I loved to see him go for what he wanted with no holds barred! The parents played such an amazing role in this. The last conversation between both the fathers was hilarious! An enjoyable read, but I don't really think I would be rereading it. Maybe that's cause of the politics plot, or maybe I felt something missing, I can't articulate. Cause I myself don't know it. The most I can say is, that despite being enjoyable, and somewhat memorable too, I just didn't fall for it as I did for, say, Perfect Imperfections.

So yea, I won't be picking it up again, sorry! I recommend this to anyone who is looking for some fun amidst the boring "politics" talk! View 2 comments. ETA: bumped from 3. A beautifully romantic, sexy fairy tale with scorching hot sexy times and terrific dirty talk! Ford has spent most of his life trying to ignore the inner voice that tells ETA: bumped from 3. Ford has spent most of his life trying to ignore the inner voice that tells him he'll never be happy with a woman because it would mean walking away from his family and his aspirations, but with each passing year it's becoming impossible.

On one of the rare occasions when he can't handle the stress of life as an up-an-coming politician he picks up an anonymous bar hookup. But once the afterglow of a truly spectacular blowjob fades, and the lights come on, Ford is horrified to find his "anonymous" hookup is none other than Trevor Moga. Trevor's childhood was spent filled with warnings about always being careful of his actions lest he land his parents in an above-the-fold article and family time being spent focused solely on the next election has soured Trevor on all things political.

As an adult he has mostly eschewed politics and anything having to do with the world his parents live in. Just as a side note, I loved Trevor's mother , and couldn't help but picture Emily Gilmore every time the First Lady had page time. Of course Trevor is aware of Ford, mostly from when Ford's father would trot the family out for political press opportunities, and has always been drawn to the softness in Ford's expression and his genuineness, so when Trevor is given the opportunity to take Ford home, he does.

After convincing Ford he has no agenda and they can just enjoy the night together with no strings or repercussions, Trevor determines to enjoy the time they have together, thinking it will only be for a single night. Though neither expects to see each other again, Trevor can't get Ford, and the night they spent together, off his mind so Trevor seeks Ford out for another meeting. They begin to see each other whenever they can, in secret of course , over the next seven months.

It's helpful that Trevor is exceedingly rich, owns his own Gulfstream plane, and can afford the opulent, discreet hotels in which they meet. Of course, neither expects to fall in love either, but they do. Seeing their relationship develop is so sweet and hot and wonderful. This is absolutely a sort of fairy tale, in the best possible sense, where all the obstacles are overcome, the lovers are able to be together, and the world is righted through the sheer will of their desire to be together.

It's a fairy tale all right, and I ate it up with a spoon! There is just something about this story - Ford's struggle to not disappoint his family, his constituents or Trevor Ford's desire to be with Trevor, his struggle with self discovery and wanting to be honest with everyone about who he loves Trevor's desire and pursuit of Ford Trevor's defense of Ford by helping Ford's father Trevor's realization that though his parents have an unconventional marriage, it doesn't mean they love each other less - these were all points that made what could have been a too-sweet romance a genuinely lovely story that has stayed with me long after I put it down.

However, he uses a kind of lazy tone that I didn't find appealing and his character voices are so close in tone that I was sometimes confused as to which character was speaking. It wasn't enough to put me off the audio, but it did diminish my enjoyment of the otherwise wonderful story. Ever since I've become a mm romance fan a lot of mm readers recommended books by Cardeno C. If you read her biography, the first sentence says that she " I'm not crazy about politics nor about books with billionaire MCs, but I was intrigued to see how the author planned to make happen a romantic relationship between two opposite political sides - a Democratic and a Republican.

Their political views aside, the main couple Trevor and Ford were also total opposites when it comes to their upbringing and personalities. Trevor was raised in a non-conventional family by parents who had an open marriage and who made their life all about politics whereas family always came second while Ford was raised in a Christian family who valued faith, family and hard work above all. Therefore Trevor grew up with aversion to all things which had to do with politics, while Ford was expected to follow his father's and grandfather's steps.

Their upbringing, politics and personal values will be the main things that will raise the odds against their potential future. When it comes to their personalities- I liked Trevor better because he was a strong, self-confident and independent character. He was his own person who wasn't burdened by other people's opinion of his lifestyle, unlike Ford who was more the insecure and careful one and whose family had a big influence on him even after 37 years.

Plus, Trevor was a dirty-talker and you all know that dirty-talkers are my Achilles' heel , lol. In my opinion the author took more of a fairy-tale-alike approach to solving all the potential "obstacles" which came in the way of Ford's and Trevor's relationship. That was at the same time a positive and slightly negative thing for me. A positive thing because the book was drama-free and negative also for the same reason because every problem solved shortly and with ease making the story to some degree anticlimatic.

That is why, as one of my friends said- I liked it and plan to read more books by this author, but I didn't love it. I would recommend it to mm readers who want a shorter, romantic, steamy, emotional and drama-free mm read. View all 5 comments. Jun 26, I figured Cardeno C fit that description perfectly.

Unfortunately, I couldn't connect with the characters nor the story.

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View all 6 comments. Jun 26, Jonetta rated it really liked it Shelves: contemporary-romance , author-review-request , m-m-romance. Originally posted on The Book Nympho Ford Hollingsworth, Republican congressman from Missouri and from a family with a long political history, is coming to terms with his sexuality. When he has a chance encounter one night with Trevor Moga, Ford begins a relationship for the first time that will radically change his life. I expected Trevor and Ford to have the usual dilemmas associated with two powerful political fa Originally posted on The Book Nympho Ford Hollingsworth, Republican congressman from Missouri and from a family with a long political history, is coming to terms with his sexuality.

I expected Trevor and Ford to have the usual dilemmas associated with two powerful political families on opposite sides of the aisle but it wasn't that kind of story. The Federal, of course. I probably would have swung the bat already at running for president, elbow deep in presidential politics as a Republican. I had a boyfriend who got his first real job and started paying his first real taxes. I would tease them about being from Boulder and that Liberal people are very closed-minded. They want you to be open-minded as long as you agree with them. If there are people who are offended, I mean offense comedically and with all sense of humor.

Before I came out of the closet, I was working for a congressman running. I was coming out of the closet and really had to make life choices. I was flunking out of school. I was drinking. I was very scared of what life meant. There were plenty of Republicans who believed in equality. Everyone hates that one but even Goldwater and certainly Reagan failed in that area for an actor. He could have done a lot better. The world has changed a lot. To move into the world of comedy, I certainly met a lot of people who tried to convince me I was otherwise.

People tried to convince me not to be gay on stage. You have to move to Boston. I like it. It leads me to places like this. I certainly know how to change my mind. I voted Obama, I hope that calms the Liberal half of the audience down, like a lot. I like to bring that stuff to the stage. This is one of many reasons why I wanted you to be on. I want to get elbow deep. You said that twice now. He is a super comedian out of New Hampshire; one of ten other New Hampshire comedians.

It means your hand is all the way into the box. There are probably also academics listening. You come up when researching comedy. It was serendipitous. Oftentimes, I guess. This has an E rating. A lot of my guests are comics because they meet the criteria of funny people.

I have other funny people of different backgrounds and so on. He also leans right as you might guess also. I want a diversity of opinions, shapes, sizes, orientations, everything. You still have to be funny. A lot of writing rooms are full of straight white educated.

It was for a retail chain and it was their district managers and such, people in the count. There were 98 men and 94 to 96 were white. I brought it up. You know that there are mistakes. For business politics, it might have been a winning attitude. The fact that they were stunned that I was bringing it up or mocking them, affected their real alpha male thing, which becomes the most difficult part at a corporate event. I find myself sometimes thinking good comedy as an art form.

As someone who studies comedy, I also find myself drawn into paying attention to artists more generally. Your comment about digging yourself in is an interesting one. I was watching this documentary, It Might Get Loud. Jack White is by far the most interesting person in the documentary. He talks about creating challenges for himself onstage.

He plays a plastic shitty guitar sometimes like one of his guitars. He talks about moving further away from the mic so he has to hustle over there. This is something you do on purpose. There are artistic reasons for it. My personal background is I started performing comedy in By , I realized I was going to talk about who I was the same way with my other peers. A few years in, I started at twenty.

Chuck Roy Is A Bear Of A Comedian

I was clerking for the congressmen. Flunked out by May of that year, had quit politics probably by February. I ended up onstage by June. It kept really into exploring what it is because those laughs are amazing, and I need to know more, how to be a part of that? The comedy clubs in Boston and there was a theater district. It was romantic.

There were five major comedy clubs. They were closing. They were all owned by the mob. The backstage, the environment was just exciting to a young twenty-something. It was something I wanted to chase. Also having those principles from the politics, I was going to stand my ground. If other people could talk about dating their girlfriend, I could talk about dating a boyfriend.

Flash forward to maybe is when I finally was able to first comfortably do that. You would lose audiences. If I wanted to do that type of material, then I was also pre-selecting long before the show that there was potentially going to be an argument or a disruption. Being the stereotype is difficult. There are villages with no water since the day I was born. Those were two movies where I was booked specifically because they had seen me do dating jokes without introducing the stereotype or trying to get permission from the audience to be gay.

I was trying to deliver a dating joke like anybody else. They were smart. He made me laugh before. Had anyone told me that on day one, it would have cut out a few years. What I heard you essentially say is growing up in the world of politics, which is adversarial oftentimes, especially when it comes to elections. That idea that you are willing to potentially create an adversary in your audience or at least come in conflict with your audience is something that you feel more comfortable probably than the average comedian, whether it being making people uncomfortable talking about your dating life or calling lefties close-minded.

You have no idea. I learned this in a comedy club that I played for years. The wait staff asked me if I had noticed the swingers there, something had happened to them. It was common knowledge for a long time and it never came up. Nobody felt the need to gossip about them and I do not care. It made me change my dating material to reach everybody as opposed to talking to straight people on dates and gay people on dates. I broadened it all the way out to there and thinking about how do I want to address the crowd.

Certainly, that dating status is irrelevant to their laughs in a sense. I check out. We bicker too over the menu or we got upset about parking or not. We get mad about not having a choice ever or always having to make the choice. If you take one step back and broaden your view, you can find a way to include more of the audience on your comedy.

Everybody has a parking problem. Kenny Rogers knocked up in Oak Ridge Boy was an old school joke of mine.

Chuck Roy Is A Bear Of A Comedian

I have a hoodie on that says BEAR. Oftentimes a bear is a big fat gay guy and that would definitely being me. I have a lot of empathy for people who are straight. There are mothers who call their littlest one a bear. I remember having a cab driver in Buffalo named Bear. There was that big Supreme Court case about it. You can see the politics. They need to increase my customer base. I have comedians from Nigeria who reach out and comedians from India who reach out. I have probably twenty Nigerian comedian friends who follow my videos and blog I used to keep. Sometimes I would put out YouTube videos on how to write a joke.

In the cases of international students, they can translate it. They can also put closed caption in their language. I study things like universal design. Better to put out free content that international people can access and learn from than trying to worry about affordability in Nigeria. We did the math.


He had sent a bunch of memes that he was struggling with. He was trying to do memes like I was doing and encouraging other people to do. On my end, the task was to determine his comedy and where it was failing. He said he was offending people too much and he wanted to figure out how to not. There was a joke about a dad having gone off to hunt and come back with nothing. That was making people in his neighborhood a little pissed. Starvation is not funny to people who have friends who were starving.