Blake & Mortimer - Volume 10 - The Sarcophagi of the Sixth Continent (Part 2)

The 2nd book of the Wicked Worthingtons sense of wit and richly imbued with a surfeit of steamy sensuality, And Then Comes Marriage is too good to miss.

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Thank goodness for a good man to solve Cleome's problems. Otherwise she would've undoubtedly ended up a bigamist. There are many things to like about Heyer's novels. This one, really, possesses almost none of them. It is short, and underdeveloped.

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Some of her heroines can be quite interesting and empowered. Cleome was about as interesting as a hamster she seemed to possess about as much sense, as well. The dialogue is usually quite witty and fun. This one really didn't display that characteristic.

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Plus, I much prefer the Regency period because, frankly, men in tights make me want to retch. Popular Features.

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New Releases. Description Philip Jettan cares nothing for fashion and society. The Sussex squire's son confines his interests to farming and his charming neighbor, Cleone Charteris. But Cleone is just back from London, where she's attracted the attention of a dashing new suitor who's schooled in the art of courtship.

Looking at her old friend with new eyes, Cleone dismisses Philip as "a raw country bumpkin," so the wounded young farmer retreats to Paris to acquire refinement. Returning as a fashionably attired man of the world, Philip astounds Cleone with his new manners--but to his dismay, he discovers that he might have lost his sweetheart along with his rough edges. Georgette Heyer was among her generation's most prominent writers of historical romances.

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Inspired by Jane Austen, she frequently set her stories in the Regency period, and her atmospheric novels won wide praise and admiration for their scrupulous historical accuracy. Starting at the age of seventeen with The Black Moth, Heyer wrote several dozen books, including detective fiction and thrillers.

Honey, you should see me in a crown

Bancroft, the son of a another neighbor, who is rusticating after fighting a duel. Bancroft is all that is fashionable and fabulous; Philip is jealous and challenges Bancroft to a duel. As he has scorned taking fencing lessons, Bancroft pinks him. Philip nonetheless proposes to Cleone, who tells him to come back when he has learned to be a gentleman. Sir Maurice agrees that Philip needs some polish, and sends him off to Paris, where he learns to dress, speak French, fence, and flirt, while never forgetting Cleone.

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Cleone goes to visit her aunt in London, where she encounters the transformed Philip. The Harlequin edition, which is the one I own. However, there were some parts that were a little cringe-inducing for a 21st-century reader. One is tempted to chalk this up to clumsiness by a young author—Heyer was still only 20 years old when she wrote this.

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If one stops reading at the end of the originally penultimate chapter, it appears that they will stay immured in the British countryside. Hodge makes the perceptive point that in , the time of the republication, Heyer had married and was living in the country, and perhaps that ending seemed to the older, wiser, married author more desirable than fashionable city life.

In the second, they will retire to Sussex and become a country gentleman and his wife, very much like the Rougiers.

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  7. For the purposes of this project, I was certainly interested, so thanks to Shelagh for the transcription! And that is why I decided to place this book in the order of its first publication, rather than the second publication which is the version currently available: I found the original, longer, pseudonymous publication more interesting for the purposes of my reading project, as well as the complicated story behind it.

    If you like audiobooks, I recommend it. Next up, Instead of the Thorn , which I picked up from the library on Saturday…but I might do something completely different to quote Monty Python first. Thank you for posting this. I have a fond spot for Powder and Patch, and always felt that it ended too abuptly.