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The Means of Living Christ. The Saints' Death Gain. The Significance of the Apostle's Sentiment. To Die is Gain. To Live is Christ and to Die is Gain. To Me to Live is Christ. Two Prospects in Death. Various Degrees in Living Christ. Victory After Death. What Makes Death Gain. Why Christianity Does not Prevail.

Life Here and Hereafter. Fruit and Gain. The Apostle's Dilemma. Self-Love and Social Love. Paul's Choice. Better to be with Christ than Here. Christ is Best: Or, St. Paul's Strait. Christ, Heaven's Supreme Attraction. Death, a Departure. Forever with the Lord. Heaven Our Home. Life More Our Business than Death. Longing for Home. Paul and Voltaire. Paul's Desire to Depart. Ready for Heaven. Paul's Doubt and Desire. The Desire to Depart. To Depart is to be with Christ. Willing to Wait, But Ready to Go. Practical Counsel for Holy and Consistent Living.

Bible Living

A Life of Consistency, Unity, and Courage. Christian Citizenship. Christian Consistency. Citizens of Heaven. Concord in the Church. Conversation Becoming the Gospel. Exhortation to Unity. Means in Aid of the Propagation of the Gospel. Ministerial Solicitude. Striving Together.

Striving Together for the Faith of the Gospel. The Gifts of Faith and of Suffering. Unity and Action. In Nothing Affrighted. Men not Terrified. Tokens of Perdition. Suffering in Behalf of Christ. Fellowship with the Martyrs and Confessors. Suffering for Christ. The Christian's Life Is. The Gifts of God. The Grace and Honour of Suffering. The Honor of Suffering for Christ. The Mystery of Suffering. The Privilege of Suffering. The Service of Suffering.

The Value of Suffering. Unto You it is Given to Believe. Unto You it is Given to Suffer. A Plea for Unity. A Willing Sacrifice. Work Out Your Own Salvation. Brotherly Union. Christian Like-Mindness. Genuine Socialism Apostolically Urged. Exhortation to Unanimity and Humility. A Communion Discourse. Christian Concord. Christian Union -- Strength. Christian Union How Obtained. Christian Unity. Consolation in Christ. How Unity is Obtained. Love Promotes Unity. Mutual Harmony. Paul's Appeal. Shoulder to Shoulder. The Apostle's Appeal. The Christian Doctrine of Self.

The Emotional in Christianity. The Excellence of Christian Unity. The Tender Sympathy of Christ. Avoiding Vain-Glory. Christian Humility. Evils to be Shunned and Graces to be Cultivated. Exhortation to Unity: 3 Causes of its Breach. Humility and Joyfulness. Lowliness of Mind. Prohibitions and Injunctions. The Estimation of Self and Others. The Example of Christ. The Qualities of Christian Like-Mindedness.

True Humility. Truthful Estimation. Christian Disinterestedness. Fremantle, M. Christian Obligation. Considering Others Before Self. Disinterested Friendship. Others Before Self. Our Own and Others' Things. Regard for Others. Religious Selfishness Common. The Hon. Self-Sacrifice for Others.

The Difficulty of Looking on the Things of Others. The Evils of Selfishness. The Temper of Christ. Unselfish Care for Others. How to Keep Passion Week. The Descent of the Word. The Mind Which was in Christ Jesus.

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George Wood. The Self-Sacrifice of Christ. An Appeal for the Cultivation of a Right Spirit. Christ is Our Pattern. How to Obtain the Mind of Christ. Lessons Taught by the Humiliation and Exaltation of Chris. Paul's Method of Exhortation. Robinson, D. The Christian Temper.

The Great Example. The Humiliation and Glory of Christ. The Imitableness of Christ's Character. Joseph Fletcher, D. The Lesson of Humility. The Mind in Christ. The Mind of Christ. The Mind that was in Christ Jesus. Girdlestone, M. Reeve, M. The Moral History of the Christly Spirit. The Obedience of Christ. The Problem of the Age. The Supreme Example of Self-Renunciation. The Humiliation of Christ. The Form of God. The Three Estates. Christ a Man. Christ a Slave. Christ Degraded. Christ's Humiliation and Exaltation.

Christ's Obedience unto Death. Condescension of Christ. Emptied Himself. Obedient unto Death. The Cross the Fountain of Merit. Hutchings, M. The Death of the Cross Was. The Humanity of Christ. The Mystery of Christ in the Form of a Servant. The Passion of Our Blessed Saviour. The Possibility of Christ's Humiliation. The Saviour's Fashion. A Name Above Every Name. Exaltation Through Humiliation. The Ascent of Jesus. The Exaltation of Christ.

Charles Haddon Spurgeon. The Exalted Name of Jesus. The Importance of a Name. The Music of Two Syllables. De Witt Talmage, D. The Name Above Every Name. The Name of Jesus. Boardman, D. The Preciousness of the Name of Jesus. Christ's Exaltation. Christ's Reward. Of Christ's Exaltation. The Mediatorial Exaltation. Bowing At the Name of Jesus. Christ Must be Confessed. Christ's Claims. The Exaltation of the Son of Man. The Supremacy of Christ. The Supreme King. The Triumphs of Christ. We Must Speak for Christ. Divine Energy an Incentive to Human. Divine Grace and Human Endeavours.

Divine Influence and Mans' Duty. God is a Silent Worker. God Working in Us. God's Grace and Man's Free Agency. Huntington, M. Grace is God's Work. Man Permeable by God. Man to Work in His Salvation.

Epistle to the Philippians

Man Working and God Working. Man's Work an Evidence of His Salvation. Our Own Salvation. Practical Religion. Salvation a Work. Salvation as a Work in the Soul. Salvation Possible, But not Easy. Salvation to be Worked Out with Fear and Trembling. Salvation Worked in and Out. Salvation Worked Out. The Awful Responsibility of Personal Inspirations. The Christian Work -- First Part.

The Law of Spiritual Interaction. The Motive for This Work. The Publicity of a Worked-Out Salvation. The Two-Fold Force in Salvation. The Way of Salvation. The Working Out of Salvation. The Working Out of Salvation Gradual. Working Out Our Own Salvation. Working Out Salvation. Working Out What is Worked In. Your Own Salvation. The Obedience of the Christian Life.

Copies of Jesus. Believers' Lights in the World. Church Activity. Controversy Hushed in the Presence of Heathenism. Don't Spoil Your Portrait. Evil of Disputings. Murmuring the Cause of Disputings. Murmurings and Disputings. Negative and Positive Christianity. Jeremy Taylor. The Cultivation of a Christian Deportment. The Duties of a Church Towards its Neighbourhood. The Duties of Church Members.

Stoughton, D. The Folly of Contentions on the Mission Field. Things Best Dropped. Inspired to be Blameless Sons. All Christians Must Shine. Children of God Without Rebuke. Christian Influence. Christians are Lights. God's People. In the Midst of a Crooked and Perverse Nation. Insincere Professors. Shine for Others. Shining Christians. The Christian in the World. The Christian's Carriage in the World. The Sons of God. Christians are Light Holders.

Exposure of Light Bearers. Holding Forth the Light. Holding Forth the Word of Life. Blackburn, D. The Word of Life. Christly Love. Priest and Sacrifice. The Christian Service. The Joy of Martyrdom. The Kindled Torch. The Law of Sacrifice. The Law of the Christian Life. Mackennal, D. The Spirit of the Martyrs. The Mission of Timothy. The True Spirit of Christian Usefulness. Christian Friendship. Christian Intercourse. Christian Mutual Happiness. Paul, Timothy, and Epaphroditus. The Considerate Missions of Epaphroditus and Timothy. The Value of a True Comforter. Timothy and Epaphroditus. Care for Souls.

Concern for the Spiritual Wants of Men. Missionary Agency. Natural Care for Others. The Experience of Isolation. Beauty of Unselfishness. Disinterested Service. Seeking Our Own Things. Selfishness Common. The Beauty of Unselfishness. The Duty of Unselfishness. The Evil of Self-Seeking. Proof of Character. New Year's Sermon. The Providence of God. The Servant of God in Affliction.

Trust in the Lord. Epaphroditus the Link Between the Apostle and Philippi. Paul and Epaphroditus. The Attachment of Fellow Soldiers. The Relations of Believers. The Titles of Epaphroditus. True Laborers for Christ. Life not Regarded. Life Preferred to Service. Providential Care. Recovery from Sickness. Alexander, D. Returning Labourers to be Welcomed with Joy. The Christian's Duty. The Christian's Duty to His Ministers.

The Risk of Christian Work. The Sickness of Epaphroditus. The Succour of the Saints Is. The Work of Christ. Timely Providences. Why God's Servants are Afflicted. Preparing to End. Spiritual Joy. Warnings and Hopes. Rejoicing, Eschewing, and Imitating. Spiritual Judaism. Christian Joy. Grounds of Christian Rejoicing. Pope, D.

Joy in the Lord. Joy is not Always Ecstasy. Prideless Pride. Repeating the Same Teaching.

Ephesians 3 commentary macarthur

Airay, D. Sibbes, D. The Elevating Power of Joy. The Importance of Christian Joy. The Joy of Christian Brethren. The Repetition of Old Truth Is. The Usefulness of Repetitio. The True Circumcision. Identity not to be Found in Continuity of Form. Serious Warning Against Errorists. Beware of the Concision. Glorying in Christ. God Should be Worshipped.

Have no Confidence in the Flesh. Rejoicing in Christ Is. Whenever we see this virtue practiced, we find our hearts gladdened and call the virtuous person heroic. Another example would be a missionary—someone who could have had a comfortable position as pastor of a church, but who instead answered a call to serve in an uncomfortable foreign land. Many scholars have pronounced verses an ancient Christian hymn. We have no way to know if the early Christians used it as a hymn, but we can see the loveliness of expression that would make it usable in that way.

This verse serves as a bridge between verses and verses —between what we think and what Christ thought. This is the point toward which Paul has been moving through verses He is calling us to emulate Christ Jesus, who committed himself to serving undeserving people at great personal cost. But it becomes possible for us to do these things once we have an example—once we see it done. That is what Christ Jesus has done for us.

He has given us a visible example of a life of pure love—of pure service. This introduces the idea of the pre-existence of Christ. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made through him. Without him was not anything made that has been made….

The Word became flesh, and lived among us. Christ was in the form of God from the very beginning—before the creation of the world. He gave up being God so that he might become a human baby. He gave up heaven to be born in a stable. Consider that for a moment. Well, Jesus had Godly power and splendor. He gave those up to come to Earth to die on a cross for our salvation. Christ did not count his Godly status and authority something to be exploited harpagmos.

The Greeks used the word harpagmos to speak of seizing a prize—or seizing booty—or grabbing and holding onto anything of value. The point of this verse is that Christ did not consider his Godly status and authority something to be grasped for his own personal benefit. He understood their value, but was willing to sacrifice them in the service of a higher value—the salvation of humankind. The Greek word kenoo means to empty—or to make void in the sense of rendering a thing harmless or powerless.

We know what it means to empty something. To empty a pitcher, we must first have a pitcher that is full—or one that at least contains something. Then we must pour out the contents until the pitcher contains nothing. Of course, scientists would protest that the pitcher would still contain air, and in most cases they would be correct.

On first thought, I considered this to be an academic point having no application to Christ emptying himself. However, on second thought, it occurred to me that Christ—although in human form and fully human—continued to carry within him divine power. He was able to stop a storm in its tracks Mark He was able to heal people—and even to raise them from the dead Luke , ; John That is why we speak of Christ as fully human and fully divine.

So there is a sense in which Christ emptied himself, but retained something of Godly power. We must then look at what he became as a result of his emptying—he took on the form of a slave—took on the appearance of an ordinary man v. Who would expect the Son of God to be born in a stable and cradled in a manger?

For that matter, who would expect the Son of God to die on a cross? To take the form morphe of a servant means to take on the essential nature of a servant. He who was in the form of God took on the form of a servant. The Greek word doulos means servant or slave. A gentler Greek word, diakonos , means servant but not slave.

Diakonos is the word from which we get the English word deacon. The point is that a diakonos servant enjoyed a considerably higher status than a doulos servant or slave. Christ did not divest himself of his Godliness to become a diakonos servant but a doulos slave. He came from the highest of the high to the lowest of the low. This was not a demotion forced on him from on high. He took it on himself voluntarily to serve the needs of humankind. The idea conveyed by homoiomati is that Christ was born looking like an ordinary baby—resembling an ordinary person.

But as the church would later determine, Christ was both fully human and fully divine—God in human form. His resemblance to an ordinary man did not mean that he was, strictly speaking, ordinary. In this context, it means that Christ brought himself low—reduced himself to lowly circumstances—took a lower place than he could rightly have occupied.

While it could have been obedience to his highest impulses, it was surely obedience to God the Father Matthew ; John ; ; Romans ; Hebrews ; That was difficult for many people, Jew and Gentile alike, to believe in the days of the early church, and it is still difficult for many people to accept. It became the stumbling block over which many people stumbled on the way to the cross. This would be especially difficult for the Philippian Christians. They were Roman citizens, and were therefore exempt from crucifixion—a punishment that could be exacted only on non-citizens. The word hyperupsoo combines two Greek words, hyper high and hupsoo exalt.

That was followed by his ascension his return to heaven and his heavenly enthronement. As is obvious from this verse, they also assumed that a name—at least some names—possessed something of the power of the one who wore that name. John MacArthur Ephesians God's Pattern for Children-2 - John MacArthur For this is right - right not just in the sense of befitting but in that it is righteous or what is defined by law as proclaimed in the Divine commandment.

These study guides, part of a set from noted Bible scholar, John MacArthur, take readers on a journey through biblical texts to discover what lies beneath the surface, focusing on meaning and context, and then reflecting on the explored passage or concept. Most people in the world have no experience of lasting joy in their lives. He writes a rhapsody about God and his church. I fail to see any biblical distinction The apostle wishes the Ephesians to understand that it was not an opinion of his own, or a doctrine which he was taught by others, or which he had gathered from the ancient prophets; but one that came to him by immediate revelation from God, as he had informed them before in a few words, referring to what he had said chap.

Deeds done in a distant era. This is the Mac-Daddy pun intended of study Bibles. If, in our heart of hearts, we consider it of small value, our conduct, especially toward our brethren, will reveal it and work to produce contention and disunity. The New Testament is handled a little bit differently.

Philippians Bible Study Part 1

Welcome,you are looking at books for reading, the Titus Macarthur New Testament Commentary Macarthur New Testament Commentary Series, you will able to read or download in Pdf or ePub books and notice some of author may have lock the live reading for some of country. Counsel offered to a foreign people. The Seven Attitudes of Unity to have in your own heart. Commentaries for Ephesians Chapter 3 The apostle sets forth his office, and his qualifications for it, and his call to it.

Exegetical, expository, doctrinal, homeletical, hermeneutical Sermons on Paul's Epistle to the Ephesians These sermons were preached at Christ Reformed Church in Audio files of these sermons can be found Christreformed. Much work in programming and editing was done by Skip Gaede. They were saved by faith, 8, 9.

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Moody 3. London: Cassell, : vol. The MacArthur Study Bible. Ephesians refers to his being an ambassador in bonds. The apostle's thanksgivings and praises to God for his inestimable blessings bestowed on the believing Ephesians, Ephesians And how to use what He has given us for the glory of God. What is the letter about?

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By what virtue they were changed, and for what purpose, They were made known only after the coming of Christ by the Spirit to the apostles and prophets including Paul but not excluding others. Bob Utley, Professor of Bible Interpretation. MacArthur encourages the reader to read either short books, or sections of longer books e. The apostle enters into the particulars of their former miserable state, 11, MacArthur has been a blessing to you.

MacArthur, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Find biblical, helpful Christian resources relating to marriage at Crosswalk. Notice carefully what Paul names as the reason for making unity and peace: the value we place on our calling. This deep, spiritual letter discusses our position in Christ, the Body of Christ, salvation by grace through faith, our Christian inheritance, unity of the church, prayer, ministry, ethical right living, and instructions to fathers, husbands, wives, children, masters, employees, and employers.

The current new Accordance edition includes 33 volumes of the commentary covering the entire New Testament. Philip W. The command honor your father and mother is two-fold. We have left the below section on MacArthur's false christ intact, so that people can see what MacArthur claims is not "rank heresy. And as you remember, every sentence has one main point. Taking into account the cultural, theological, and Old Testament contexts of each passage, MacArthur tackles interpretive challenges and fairly evaluates differing v Commentary for Ephesians 1 This epistle was written when St.

John F. Why is it Biblically inconsistent for Christians to steal? The Epistle of St. And created unto good works, You can find the best commentary on Ephesians for you using the tools on the right side. Ephesians Bible Study Questions is the last of 6 parts of The Bible Teaching Commentary that provides study questions on Ephesians and enable the avid student to detect the powerful message of these verses for himself.

He just changes the vocabulary. Question: "What is the helmet of salvation Ephesians ? These study guides, part of a set from noted Bible scholar, John MacArthur, take readers on a journey through biblical t The character of the Ephesians previously to their conversion to Christianity, I recommend this volume to anyone who is not familiar with the basic themes of this epistle.

Taking into account the cultural, theological, and Old Testament contexts of each passage, MacArthur tackles interpretive challenges and fairly e Ephesians "to Him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus" Ephesians "walk in a manner worthy of the calling with which you have been called" This data file is the sole property of the author Paul Apple.

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us — God's blessing us is his bestowing all spiritual and heavenly blessings upon us. It was during this time that Paul sat in Rome undergoing his first Roman imprisonment Ephesians ; , making Ephesians one of the four epistles commonly known as the Prison Epistles. First of all, in the not-too-distant past, I finished an evening series of lectures on Ephesians, and Ephesians is one of my favorite books.

Commentary is a great help. These salutations to the readers of the book of Ephesians are typical of Paul and also of the people of his day. Taking into account the cultural, theological, and Old Testament contexts of each passage, MacArthur tackles interpretive challenges and fairly e Product Description. This is the only one of his Bible study commentary series that I have used so far, but I look forward to using more of this series in the future. Barton, D. Ephesians H. MacArthur - Rating: 3 From 40 Reviews. The way to begin walking in unity is to look to your own heart first.

What have we been called or invited to? This equality and this body were not revealed in the Old Testament. There must be a hunger 1 for Him, 2 to know Him, and 3 to serve Him. Not since John Calvin labored in Geneva has one" pastor stood in one" pulpit and produced one" body of divinity such as this. Read Ephesians by John F. He gives two reasons for that. According to our Study Chart: This is the second major section of our chart, www.

Click on any part of the Bible below to start reading Ephesians was written to teach us all about whom we are in Jesus Christ. MacArthur Jr. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. The design appears to be to strengthen the Ephesians in the faith of Christ, and to give exalted views of the love of God, and of the dignity and excellence of Christ, fortifying their minds against the scandal of the cross.

Ephesians 1 In this chapter we have, I. Often you fail to be the person that wants you to be. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. We now come to the actual petition which was offered by the Apostle for the Ephesians. Exposing the Darkness Devotional.