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The 2nd book of the Wicked Worthingtons sense of wit and richly imbued with a surfeit of steamy sensuality, And Then Comes Marriage is too good to miss.

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In that respect I was lucky. But I felt the effects mentally and they were catastrophic. I became depressed, I comfort ate, drank far too much and my confidence ebbed away. Susannah pictured with Trinny says her turning point came when she published her first novel in and started to rediscover her self-esteem. The turning point came in , when my first novel was published — it was tangible evidence I could achieve something worthwhile on my own.

Then I started to exercise. It reignited joy in my life and I rediscovered my self-esteem.

The effect was transformative. Last year, over ten weeks, I ran, climbed and swam my way to fitness for Famously Unfit for Sport Relief. The fact I shed pounds was a happy by-product. I still run and eat well. You will only regret not trying. Just conquer your fears and give it a go.

Susannah pictured on Strictly says she grew from the experience of being the first celebrity voted off Strictly Come Dancing last year. Of course, I was gutted to be the first celebrity to be voted off, but you have to go out with humility and your head held high — even though I was dying inside. I grew from the experience and at least people respected me for trying. So think about what frightens you and try to defeat your fear of it.

Take up swimming if you hate water, or overcome your nerves to learn public speaking. All you need is a great pair of specs. Ingesting goodness is better than slapping creams on your face. Susannah pictured with Trinny claims a great pair of glasses can hide features such as tired eyes, bags and even crow's feet. Mine are bespoke from Tom Davies, who stares at you for a disconcertingly long time before measuring your glasses so they fit your face shape perfectly. Spend as much as you can afford and go to the best person you can find. Have you ever asked yourself why Demi Moore is always wearing hers?

My morose teen taught me stoicism. Not in a million years! I set aside time to do something special with each of them. Joe and I went on an expedition to the Arctic. We travelled miles in five days on a sled pulled by dogs. It was a challenge!

Change This Manifesto: Achieving Business Excellence

Susannah pictured at London Fashion Week revealed she can't wait for grandchildren but is also revelling in the years that her children are young adults. All the participants were assessed and he came top, which made me quite envious, as well as proud.

Esme is emotionally intelligent, fierce and will always know how to rescue a situation. Very strong, funny and wise beyond her years. Ships in 7 to 10 business days. Link Either by signing into your account or linking your membership details before your order is placed. Description Product Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! In Stock. Everything Is Figureoutable. What Color Is Your Parachute? Principles Life and Work. Eat That Frog!

How to Win Friends and Influence People. Six Pillars Of Self-Esteem. Simply notice it, then see if it serves you, given who and what you wish to be. Notice the times you feel a sense of excitement, a state of arousal, a feeling of limitless energy, a burning desire, a strong gut feeling, a feeling of contentment, strong emotions or determination. Notice these feelings and record them in your passion journal. I was even luckier because while I was there I unexpectedly rediscovered a passion I had forgotten.

I share the following excerpt from my passion journal at that time which incidentally was bright red! I feel a shortness of breath and my heart rate quickens. I want to take them all in and love the ones with texture so rich you can almost feel the paint. I have to stop myself from reaching out to touch them. I am flushed with excitement and a thirst that cannot be quenched. I had traded my passion for the convenience of acrylic, but I found it joyless and plastic.

I later won the Supreme Art Award for an oil painting I did of my grandmother. It was the first portrait I had ever painted. So yes, magic can happen when you follow your passion. If you want to create more bounce in your life finding and following your purpose is another good place to invest time and energy. However, this is an area where many people struggle.

It is well known that having purpose and meaning in your life increases not only life satisfaction but also promotes mental and physical health. Many successful authors, for example, testify to the power of writing with purpose and sharing their stories and purpose-driven words. So, where and how do you find your life purpose? Many people have found their life purpose following their recovery from trauma or adversity of some kind.

She still receives letters from people who tell her how much her book, Paula, helped them through their own grief. Her childhood was unstable and impoverished, and her teen years were marked by abuse. Hay attended meetings at the Church of Religious Science and began training in the ministerial program. She became a popular speaker at the church and soon found herself counseling clients. This work quickly blossomed into a full-time career. After several years, Louise compiled a reference guide detailing the mental causes of physical ailments and developed positive thought patterns for reversing illness and creating health.

I forged a successful career helping people find their passion and purpose following negative work experiences that robbed my self-esteem and threatened my health and vitality. My purpose? To encourage and inspire others and help people live and work with beauty and joy. Learn how to create a passion journal! Available in print and paperback from all good online bookstores. Giving birth to such a beautiful angel was, and continues to be my greatest achievement. Click the universal link for Amazon here— getbook. I originally wrote I Have to Grow twenty-four years ago when Hannah was four-years-old and was experiencing some very horrible bullying.

When I look back, this really was my first book and heralded all those that followed with there focus on self-empowerment and overcoming shitty things that happen to good people. I rated my chances as slim. After all, twenty-four years is a long time to keep pieces of paper. Thankfully, when it comes to keeping words that inspire me, I am a hoarder. Thankfully, also, technology upgrades and advancements in publishing have made it so easy to share my creations with the world.

Little Hannah, is a beautiful and kind-hearted child, with a very special voice. When the cruel and jealous Angie tries to rob Little Hannah of her gifts she believes the answer is to stay small. But, things go from bad to worse. Until a magical creature appears and encourages her to stand tall and shine like a star. This is a splendid little book for any person aspiring to reach another level, with such a powerful message.

Of never, ever listening to anyone who steals your light. My daughter Hannah was born with an exceptional and innate gift which was later honed into an accomplished skill as a soprano singer. Hannah decided not to pursue a career professionally as an international singer. Peter Jackson is best known as the director, writer, and producer of the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the Hobbit trilogy. The fabulous New Zealand Symphony Orchestra played the background music.

Importantly, Hannah now uses her voice in the art of healing as a spiritual conduit and counselor—sending love songs to the world. A European man was sailing his large yacht and heard her voice and came to shore. Whether you have a talent for singing, helping others or solving puzzles—whatever it is that sparks joy within you is your gift.

You may or may not want to share it with the world but what matters most is to do what makes you happy and never ever listen to anyone who tries to steal your music. As a special thank you for reading my book I have also included an excerpt from my popular book How to Find Your Passion and Purpose. To learn more about the inspiration behind this book and the series please subscribe to my blog.

You may also enjoy my regular inspirational newsletters—with sneak peeks, advance reads and free giveaways. Be the first to know when the audio version is released! Life is about learning to have the courage, confidence, and self-belief to follow your inner voice, live your truth and share your gifts. It is also about reclaiming your power, not hanging back, playing second best and being discouraged.

CREate MEANING, pride AND A SENSE OF belonging

Find and cherish your unique abilities and raise your voice to the heavens. Liberate the music you have inside. Share your song. If you need some inspiration, look no further than this book. It would be such a blast for Hannah to wake up and read how her story touched your heart. Thank you! And important categories they are to Hannah too as they are all centered on spirituality. Thank you to those of you who have downloaded and left reviews. Still free today — but only for the next three hours…. Feeling stuck, depressed or demotivated?

If you need some motivation, look no further than this book. Be inspired by this journey to transformation and self-acceptance, and self-belief as she learns to overcome the vagaries of adult behavior. Her personal odyssey culminates in a voyage of self-belief, passion, and purpose. This book shares a powerful message for all women of any age, I wish I had this when I was growing up. The simple steps in this book will guide your way, and help you to navigate through the confusion, uncertainty, and inner blocks, so you live your one precious life in a big way. Many of the comments read true for my own journey.

New Release! The Little Princess. The anxiety cure: How I avoid depression, get energized, find joy, and stay inspired. New release! The Little Princess Friday, May 17th, A day we all come together to stand unanimously against the tyranny of bullying. Discover more in The Little Princess and learn how you too can stand strong and overcome bullying to live a life of passion and purpose. Someone gave me the ultimate compliment the other day—they told me I was prolific.

The old woman who puts the little princess down is really just jealous and stuck in her own life. Very uplifting and inspiring. One of the things I love most about being an author is hearing from my readers and knowing how my words touched their hearts. I still receive your regular emails, inspired by many.

Thank you for being part of my journey. The story itself is very short, but there is then a lovey poem to ponder. The Little Princess was inspired by a true story. It would have been easy to stay small. It would have been easy to have done nothing at all. So many people have written to me and told me how that book changed their lives. It continues to change mine. I hope by sharing my story, you realize how wonderful it is to be a little princess. Feeling discouraged, bullied, sabotaged or held back? If you need some support, look no further than this book. Little Hannah is courageous, compassionate, talented and inspiring!

Available in print and eBook from all good bookstores, including :. Amazon: getbook. Amazon Best-Seller. Focus your energy and time to achieve outstanding personal and professional results. New release I Have to Grow. How to say no to abusive workplaces, schools, homes, and circumstances. Life transformed by faith in the stars.

Everything in our world is made up of positive and negative charges, which together make a whole. You have been guided to choose this book by your soul because you are ready to question long held-beliefs and make choices in alignment with your sacred path. My new release, No! And guess what—achieving intentions feels great! Yes, yes, yes—it feels awesome!!! How are you tracking? Available in eBook and Print from Amazon here— getbook. You can also use this link to download or scroll through sample chapters to see if this book is for you. Each page is dedicated to one thing we often say no to that keeps us stuck or hurt or procrastinating and turns the No into a vibrant Yes.

She reminds us to live in our truth with love compassion and boundless energy for the joy of life. Heavenly—and the coconut infused mocktail was divine! Many people mistakenly believe drinking alcohol will increase their happiness. But alcohol is a depressant and in large quantities is draining on your body and mind.

Alcohol has been found in many studies to significantly reduce serotonin 45 minutes after drinking. Numerous studies suggest that low serotonin is the mechanism behind both depression and anxiety after alcohol consumption. Experience may have already taught you that too much booze increases anxiety, muddles the mind, ignites aggression, reduces responsiveness, and ultimately depresses.

To improve their mental health many people limit their drinking or consciously decide not to touch a drop. Keeping their resolve often takes extraordinary willpower. Author and public speaker Deepak Chopra gave up drinking. Steven King, after almost losing his family and destroying his writing career, managed to quit. Other people like Amy Winehouse devastatingly never made it. At only 27, she died of alcohol poisoning in The risk of suicide also increases for stressed people who turn to drink. There is also clear evidence between alcohol consumption and violence and other types of aggressive behavior.

Aggressive behavior is also heavily linked to low serotonin levels. To better understand why people often become aggressive and violent after drinking alcohol, researchers in Australia used magnetic resonance imaging MRI scans to measure blood flow in the brain. Risking ruining your relationships, ruining your career, sacrificing your sanity, and in the extreme, taking your life, is a massive price to pay for a mistaken belief that to be happy, or to numb your anxiety or cope with stress you need to drink more booze.

Retired From Work, But Not From Life - The Retirement Manifesto

Boost your resilience beautifully by exploring your relationship to drink and approaching it more mindfully. Consider, a period of sobriety. Instead of focusing on what you may be giving up, turn your mind to what you may gain—a better, more energized version of yourself. Your body is a great source of wisdom and counsel—one that is increasingly respected by psychologists and medical professionals.

Somatic Psychology, a branch of traditional psychotherapy , addresses what for so long was missing in the field of talk therapy. My mind, however, was telling me a different and conflicting story as it rattled through a range of old stories and false beliefs. Leonardo da Vinci once said that people were more motivated to act by fear than they were by love.

Controlling alcohol consumption or quitting for good has numerous positive benefits. But finding data to back me up is hard to find. It seems more money is poured into measuring harm than keeping statistics related to health. Keep your own stats and set yourself up to succeed. To support and maintain your sobriety, really absorb all the benefits.

Enjoy the anticipated positive results of sobriety at the start of your day, in the evening, or whenever you have a spare moment. When you are sober, be sure to be mindful and really enjoy the results of your efforts. I have the youthful expectant energy of a child. I feel a sense of self-worth with all that I have achieved today. I think I may take a wee break now, reward myself and go out and play! Her anxiety has disappeared and she is glowing. Did drinking less alcohol do all that? Not entirely. As I said earlier, controlling alcohol requires a systemic approach and making lifestyle changes both in health behaviors and other factors which I discuss throughout my sobriety books, Mind Your Drink and Your Beautiful Mind.

Putting the spotlight on the harm alcohol caused me, my family, my loved ones, within my community and the world at large also drives me. Negatives can be positives when seen in the right light and used constructively. I no longer feel like the booze hag who once wrote this:. Last night and the night before I had two vodkas and orange—freshly squeezed. I watched myself, observed myself. The knowledge that I was tired, weary, that I needed to meditate. That nice little forgetting of alcohol. Hello Sunday Morning!

I must revisit it. A blackbird rustles amongst Autumn leaves. John is at his desk. The door is shut. I walk past the front window. His eyes are dead, remorseful—as though regretting his foolishness. His skin is gray, pallid, like that of a dying man. Big time. Having enjoyed smoking for many years, I know he would have done anything to undo the wrongs of the past. Alcohol, as I have said, is a known cause for more than 60 different adverse health conditions, listed below are just a few:. Strong links between cancers of the liver, breast, bowel, upper throat, mouth, esophagus and larynx.

And that just a few ways that alcohol can play havoc with your health. The increased risk of developing arthritis, cancer, heart disease, hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia, kidney disease, obesity, nervous disorders, and many psychological disturbances can all be attributed to alcohol abuse. And as you know, acute alcohol poisoning can cause death. Your mind and body may seem like separate entities but when you let your body override your craving mind you find a reservoir of unbridled power. Practice mindfulness and self-compassion and tune into your body barometer.

How do you feel? Have the headaches, nausea, depression, aggression or anxiety returned again? Journal your experience as I did to reinforce your awareness and to strengthen your resolve to stop drinking again. In my books Mind Your Drink and Your Beautiful Mind, I break down the path to sobriety in ways you can easily understand and apply to your own life.

Knowledge is power. You do realize that the booze barons act narcissistically to encourage you to act against your best interests, right? Understanding alcohol from all angles offers substantive reasons for why it keeps you hooked. You may or may not be able to go it alone, you may need help, you may need therapy, but regardless of the approach you take, controlling alcohol is a long-term lifestyle change. In his book, he reinterprets The Twelve Step recovery process and champions the call for abstinence.

McKagan devised his own program of anxiety treatment and alcohol recovery. Anne Dowsett Johnson, a journalist and self-described recovering alcoholic, and the daughter of an alcoholic herself, urges us all to wake up to the willful blindness to the damages of drinking in our culture, and explores disturbing trends and false promises peddled by alcohol barons in her book Drink: The Intimate Relationship Between Women and Alcohol.

For Dowsett, medical intervention through prescribed anti-depressants played an instrumental role in her recovery. But years of therapy, couple counseling, renewing his faith and a program of recovery offered by his church did—alongside changing his relationship to work. He shares his journey to abstinence in his book, The Sober Entrepreneur. For these people, sharing their stories was part of their healing process—that and the desire to pay-it-forward.

In my book, E mploy Yourself from my bestselling Mid-Life Career Rescue series, I share how health coach Sheree Clark numbed her anxiety, stress and job blues by over-drinking until she realized booze was never going to be a long-term sustainable solution.

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It attacks our politicians, our entertainers, our relatives, and often ourselves. Shaming, blaming and naming is not the cure, compassion understanding, and living life on your terms is. In fact, most former addicts claim that empowerment, not powerlessness, was essential to them, especially in the latter stages of their recovery. Abusing alcohol is not a disease. Not everyone battles with booze. Whether you cut back or eliminate alcohol entirely, the choice is ultimately yours.

Only you know the benefits alcohol delivers or the success it destroys. My daughter, Hannah, and her fab partner Josh, enjoying alcohol-free wine at Christmas. Why Sobriety is Cool, Sophisticated, and Savvy. How stepping away from your work can boost your mood, reduce anxiety and spark joy. The fastest way to go from stress to joy without being overwhelmed. The Life-Changing Benefits of Unplugging. Does talk therapy actually work? You can get more of my thoughts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Anxiety Rescue is the ultimate prescription and medication free cure. Available in eBook for immediate download from Amazon. It always really touches me when I realize that what I do has an impact on people. Not many of us escape childhood unscathed. Few of us survive working life or relationships without scars. I work from that experience. Like many of my books, I write to inspire myself. I take issues I am struggling with, or new learnings that have deeply impacted me, and share them in my books. It is. As I wrote this book, so many factors which impact anxiety came to light.

Some, are viewed skeptically by psychologists and psychiatrists. Prescription medication and pharmaceutical drugs are being consumed in exploding quantities, and still, anxiety rates and other mental illnesses are still soaring. Increasingly science is validating what ancient wisdom has been telling us for years. You only have to consider how main-stream meditation, yoga, acupressure, and other holistic therapies have become, to witness the emergence.

Yet it also harnesses the magic of creative approaches to healing. From my own professional and personal experience, I know we can heal ourselves. Some do. I am not against prescription drugs, but what concerns me, as it may you, is that many anxious, stressed, and depressed people are not offered a choice.

Nor do they benefit from someone taking an inventory of their life and analyzing the traumatic events or stressors that may be impacting their anxiety levels. Like Len, who, aged year-old man who had suffered work-related burnout, and sought relief from his doctor.

He was, quite rightly, alarmed that his doctor told him that the only cure was medication. Ten years later, a diagnosis of complex trauma, not only made sense but also provided a roadmap to lasting healing. Counseling and engaging in talk-therapy gave a voice to wounds she had repressed. When darkness was brought to light, and armed with new tools of self-care, including meditation and nutrition, her anxiety rates disappeared. Not by any means. No two people are the same. We have not had the same childhoods, the same school experiences, or workplace trauma.

I speak from my own experience—both what has worked for me, and what has worked for my clients. With over twenty-five years of expertise working in therapeutic professions, most lately as a child therapist and relationship counselor, I know what works. My hope is in reading this book, you will emerge stronger, happier, healthier, and more thankful too. I use my passion journal to visualize, gain clarity, and create my preferred future—including my health goals.

In this era of anxiety and distraction, the need for simple, life-affirming, health-enhancing messages is even more important. Pick a page at random, or work through the four pillars of health sequentially. Let experience be your guide, as it has been mine. Laura, who at one stage seemed rudderless career-wise, did just that. Workplace stress was a major source of her anxiety.

Finding her passion and following her joy sparked a determination to start her own business. She felt the fear and went for it anyway, emboldened by a desire to live and work like those she looked up to. It was that simple. As with all of my books, many of the examples I share were inspired by true events in my own life.

At the time of writing, I recalled one of the first times I trusted the spiritual realm. But when I drove home I called into to Araby Lodge, where my grandmother used to live, and where until her death, she bred and trained her beloved horses. At the time my father lived in her house.

My heart nearly leaped out of my chest. It was at that point that I began to believe in spiritual and psychic phenomena, and in time, many years later, to awaken my own gifts. Dig into this book and let Leonardo da Vinci and Coco Chanel and other successful men and woman be your mentors, inspiration, and guides as they call forth your passions, purpose, and potential.

Anxiety Rescue is available in eBook for immediate download from Amazon. Common signs of neglecting the call for success and forsaking your ambitions can include: tiredness, depression, anxiety, irritability, and strained personal relationships. The body never lies, but many people soldier on ignoring the obvious warning signs. When you feel unfulfilled, bored, unchallenged and demotivated what do you notice?

How does this differ from times when you feel the fear but love life passionately anyway? When people are pursuing something they are passionate about their drive and determination is infinite. They become like pieces of elastic able to stretch to anything and accommodate any setback.

People immobilized by fear and passivity snap like a twig. They lack resilience. Passion gives people a reason for living and the confidence and drive to pursue their dreams. Leonardo was a man of many loves and deep obsessions. These passions imbued him with infinite energy—powering his creativity, courage, resolve, and tenacity. Prior to writing this post I had sent out news of my new book to my email subscribers. Immediately I received an email from one of my readers. To order a copy for less than the price of coffee and cake go to Amazon:. Interesting interviews : Listen to my best interviews on topics like overcoming obstacles, finding joy in adversity, following your passion to prosperity.

Keynote speaking : Hire me to speak to your organization or team about Resilience, wellbeing, innovation, and motivation. For personalized help schedule a session with Cassandra. Are you suffering from information obesity? Subconsciously, are all your unanswered emails sending your stress levels soaring? Or have text messages become the source of your anxiety? Your inbox can also house infectious contact from toxic people.

Remember that anxiety feeds off fear, uncertainty, overwhelm, and overload. It also loves to distract you from doing the things you enjoy—burying you in a pyre of often meaningless distractions. Some people are discourteous, and in some instances downright rude and inconsiderate. People rant and vent and type things they might not otherwise have had the courage or lack of manners to say in person. Research by Swansea University in , cites that children and young people under 25 who are victims of cyberbullying are more than twice as likely to self-harm and enact suicidal behavior.

The findings also suggest that the perpetrators themselves are at higher risk of experiencing these same suicidal thoughts and behaviors. This is easier said than done. Some people clients and customers also send incessant demands, often during the oddest of hours, that they might not request if sending an email were not so spontaneous and instantaneous. Some emails are also lengthy and often arduous to read.

My partner Laurie feels anxious if he ends his day with one email remaining in his inbox. He receives over emails a week, and many of his tasks are deadline driven. He manages his anxiety by slaying the Email Monster. Nor does he subscribe to marketing campaigns offering some redundant e-book he would never have time to read and does not care for.

It was liberating to press delete. You may gasp in horror at this strategy. Consider, simply picking up the phone, or, if you can meet in person, and deal with the issues in the old-fashioned way. Considerable bullying and abusive behavior, spiking not just anxiety, but also suicidal thoughts and behavior, is being triggered not just by email but text messages too.

Hardly, model leadership behavior. The recipient received the text well before being sectioned to a mental institution months later, but said in an interview that he re-read the text that day and after texting the MP to say she was going to get her wish, he ended up contemplating suicide. The text message is potentially a breach of the Harmful Digital Communications Act, passed under the then National Government in response to cyberbullying.

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The law regulated digital communications, including text messages, making it illegal to urge someone to self-harm. Become skilled with how to block contact from malicious people, and become affirmed with new legislation which offers some protection. Be the change you want to see. If you are ever the target of bullying or abusive behavior seek help and know your rights. Slay the Text Dragon and Email Monster and put them firmly in their place.

Think how great it will be with hardly any messages in your inbox. This is how to manage email overload or cyberbullies and reclaim your life! This is an edited extract of Anxiety Rescue, due for release in February Yes, ageism exists, but enlightened employers know the value a mature worker brings to the job.

Do you? Do you know how to find the jobs that are never advertised? To increase your chances of getting the job you really want, this book will help you:. Some people find job hunting very challenging. Perhaps years of conditioning that you should be seen and not heard, acute shyness or lack of practice and experience in the art of self-promotion may be affecting you.

Quit feeling trapped. Reclaim your power! Find a job you love and finally live the life you want. I was curious about the content of this book, Mid-Life Career Rescue: Job Search Strategies that Work, as I have worked as a careers professional for almost 20 years and with a few variations on job search strategies over the years, my practice and coaching in this area of career coaching has remained largely the same. I wondered if the ideas, the suggestions, exercises and the theories that support these that I learned all those years ago still held true.

Did my ideas that I encourage my clients to undertake, still work, were they still in vogue even? Did my ideas need a complete overhaul? So, with my curiosity in full openness, I began to read. First I was struck by the relevance of my knowledge to what Cassandra was suggesting in What I have been coaching my clients to do while exploring their own job search journey were still very useful. Everything I am quietly doing to re-define my working and private life is here in black and white and gloriously celebrated as the way forward. Never before have I felt so on-track with a major life change as I do right now.

So over the past few days with a careers client booked in, I decided to test this out. Then as the energy settled, she developed ideas for her 5 clones which gave her major leads on strands she could develop and even whole new ways of working. My client now has very solid career options to explore in future career coaching sessions because of this Cloning exercise. As for me, I am balancing my excessive excited energy in re-creating my work-life balance by regular daily meditation, sitting in stillness, and daily yoga.

Cassandra has beautiful ideas, encouraging real-life stories, and powerful and yet very accessible exercises to offer anyone who is either embarking on a job search journey or for anyone already on the journey but looking for further strategies to add new energy to their journey. Largely this technique is so successful because organizations also use their networks to find employees when vacancies occur. Advertising is often a last resort, partly because of the time taken to screen applicants, but also because of the additional financial costs.

When you need a builder what do you do? There are a lot of phoneys and crooks out there. Networking is the process of accessing personal contacts via word of mouth to achieve a particular purpose. For the job seeker, this purpose is to tap into the hidden job market. Networking in the real world is nothing more than overcoming the fears of making contact with others. But it only happens through an orchestrated effort.