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They eventually resumed spacefaring to explore the wider universe, using telekinesis to create egg-shaped vessels and control them and were able to adapt to any ecosystem by shifting their own shapes and metabolisms. As companions, they brought two of the last surviving animal species from their home, both of which gradually evolved during the journey and subsequent events into two more races of sapient near-immortals: the insectoid Preservers and the simian -descended Trolls.

After journeying to many different worlds, one of these vessels came to Abode known to its inhabitants as the World of Two Moons , where human civilization had reached a level comparable to Europe's medieval period on Earth. The humans' artwork and literature depicted angels , deities , spirits and other ethereal beings which suggested to the High Ones that others of their kind had previously visited that world. In order to facilitate contact with the humans, before landing on the world, the High Ones deliberately formed themselves like elves and reshaped their egg-vessel to resemble a beautiful floating castle that matched the native architectural idiom, so that they could stay long enough to seek out more information about the previous visitors.

The palace itself consists of two main parts: the magical material of which it is made, and two magic scrolls that contain all the history of the High Ones. The palace is also where the souls of dead elves come together to spend the rest of their existence. However, by this time the evolved simians proto-Trolls had become resentful of their subservient status and wished to permanently remain on the world.

As the 'castle' began to descend, the simians violently rebelled, disrupting the telekinetic controls enough to hurl the entire vessel and its contents back through time to Abode's paleolithic era. Staggering out from the crash-landing, the High Ones found that their psychic powers were greatly weakened on Abode, leaving them unable to defend themselves from the prehistoric cave-dwelling humans who fearfully attacked them.

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The known tribes include in order of introduction the Wolfriders forest-dwelling hunter-gatherers , Sun Folk desert-dwelling farmers , Gliders mountain-dwellers, only a few of whom hunt , Go-backs formerly hunters, now primarily reindeer herders , and the Wavedancers sea-dwelling hunter-gatherers.

The High Ones' evolved-simian servants also fled, mainly into networks of underground caverns where they became larger and established themselves as the subterranean race of Trolls, treasure-seeking miners and metalsmiths whose original links to the High Ones were forgotten. The main story begins 10, years later, with elves and other beings having adapted with great difficulty to their home. Each tribe of elves has its own set of adaptations and traditions, and most of them are unaware that any of the other tribes even exist. Their culture is roughly comparable to the Iroquois Native American nation.

Within their founder group, a female High One named Timmain had been the only member to retain her shape-shifting ability.

When winter came, Timmain shape-shifted into a wolf to hunt food for the starving elves around her. She sank very deeply into her wolf-form and eventually forgot her original identity, even mating with a native wolf to produce a half-wolf chimeric son whom she handed over to the Elves after teaching him as much as she could as a wolf. They gave him the name Timmorn Yellow-Eyes and he became the first Chief of the Wolfriders, bringing the wolf pack and the stranded elves together to form a close symbiotic alliance.

Because of his mixed blood, Timmorn was mortal, unlike his progenitors. Timmorn then went on to sire many children, with both wolves and elves; as a result, the entire tribe and their bonded wolf pack can all trace their bloodline back to Timmorn in some way by the point at which the series begins. This mingling of wolf and elf blood produces unexpected results- aside from maintaining a feral, wolf-like mentality known as the Way , the Wolfriders are the only elves who can, eventually, die of old age.

In addition to the close bonds with their wolves, the Wolfriders also have some basic psychic powers like telepathy known as sending , healing and plant manipulation. Because of the hybridization, their wolves also possess powers of telepathy , allowing Wolfriders to 'send' with their wolves. The central storyline, beginning with the series known as the Grand Quest or Original Quest , focuses on the tribe during the leadership of their eleventh chief Cutter.

At the start of the story, the Wolfriders' regular forest life — intermittently interspersed by conflict with superstitiously genocidal humans — is lost when the humans set fire to the forest in retaliation for a previous battle. The Wolfriders seek refuge in the underground caverns of their sullen, greedy, cowardly trade partners, the trolls.

The elves claim that the trolls owe them sanctuary because of all the ways the Wolfriders have helped them over the years, but the corrupt troll king, Greymung, feels humiliated for being held at knife point by an elf and plots revenge. The elves are taken down a long tunnel toward what the trolls claim will be a land of bright promise, but is actually a trackless desert.

Desperately inspired by a piece of "magic" lodestone they obtained from the trolls' caves that acts as a crude compass , they make an arduous journey across the wasteland until they encounter an oasis called Sorrow's End, populated by a tribe of sedentary, agrarian elves called the Sun Folk.

However, there are some psychic phenomena which have remained more common among the Wolfriders than among the Sun Folk, such as "Sending" telepathic communication , and "Recognition", a powerful involuntary compulsion to mate with another elf; this mating is guaranteed to produce offspring who are more powerful than either parent. This powerful impulse can be resisted with difficulty, but at the cost of great personal stress. If the two individuals are not temperamentally compatible, they may part ways again as soon as a child has been produced, but otherwise they may form a lifelong pair-bond as "lifemates.

She immediately rejects him as a savage barbarian, especially since she is already partnered to her village's haughty chief hunter, Rayek. The love triangle between Cutter, Leetah and Rayek is the main focus of much of the first part of the story. Cutter and Leetah eventually become lifemates; bested by Cutter in a ritual trial and displaced as sole hunter and protector by the Wolfriders, Rayek leaves the village.

Once this conflict is resolved, the two tribes quickly unite with each side willing to adjust to the other for their mutual benefit.

Ed The Elf: Collection #3 (Stories 9-12)

The Wolfriders enjoy the benefits of a more sophisticated culture with greater knowledge, while the Sun Folk benefit from a band of strong hunters and defenders of their desert refuge from humanity. Six years later, the oasis sanctuary of Sorrow's End is breached by a handful of starving humans who approach the oasis. Although they are sent on their way probably to die of thirst , Cutter realizes that more could follow and decides to take action.

He goes on a quest with his soul-brother, Skywise , seeking other elf tribes as allies against humanity. Savah, who is close to being a High One herself, possesses a magical ability known as "going out" where her spirit leaves her body in attempts to connect to other Elves. In this way she was also able to briefly contact Rayek after he left Sorrow's End. The majority of the Wolfriders escort Leetah, Suntop and his twin sister Ember on their journey to deliver Savah's warning to Cutter and Skywise. Continuing their quest, Cutter and Skywise learn of the existence of another elf tribe dwelling in a place called Blue Mountain.

This previously unknown tribe, consisting of tall, thin, graceful elves, is known as the Gliders. They treated humans like any other prey, until a human shaman made her way near the peak of Blue Mountain and sang and talked to them. The Gliders then agreed not to hunt humans, if they in turn received offerings and worship. The humans then worshiped them as "spirit-gods". He wanted them to have a safe home, thus their rockshapers built a home inside Blue Mountain after the memories of the Palace of the High Ones.

After Lord Voll's lover and confidant Winnowill created the Chosen Eight — a group of hunters that rode the Giant Hawks that nested in Blue Mountain — no one but those hunters left the mountain. They are a conservative community that has degenerated into insular decadence, dominated by the seductive, sinister Winnowill, who was once Voll's consort but who now has her own agenda.

Cut off from new impulses, the Gliders' culture turned in on itself. They created intricate art, such as the Egg of Six Spheres, which recorded the elves' history, but stopped growing. For millennia no children were born. Some of the rockshapers were put into permanent trance, and do nothing but fulfill a certain function. Winnowill manipulated Voll, so that his plans to leave Blue Mountain again never grew to fruition.

Lord Voll came to believe that the elves were doomed to wither, and that there would never be any children born. Only the arrival of the Wolfriders with their children and the Preservers could wake him up.

The Jesus Race (Ed The Elf #2)

He was then determined to return to the Palace of the High Ones as soon as possible — but was killed before reaching it, leaving Winnowill as new Lord of the Gliders. The Gliders rarely venture out of their mountain except for the "Chosen Eight", the tribe's hunters and if need be warriors. Although they have their own powers of psychic levitation , the Eight ride massive birds with whom they share a strong bond, similar to that of the Wolfriders and their wolves.

As the Wolfriders search for Cutter and Skywise, Strongbow shoots down one of the massive birds for food. Enraged at the death of their mount, the Gliders attack the Wolfriders and imprison most of the tribe within Blue Mountain. Winnowill then tortures Strongbow for the death of the bird, while Leetah, Ember, and Suntop hide in the "Forbidden Grove" which is the home of the Preservers. Nightfall and Redlance also manage to escape imprisonment, and stumble upon Cutter and Skywise shortly after Cutter and his family are re-united.

One-Eye, also not captured, lurks around the base of the mountain surviving on the humans' unknown generosity. Dewshine, much to the dismay of her and her tribe, becomes Recognized by one of the Gliders named Tyldak. Tyldak has been reshaped by Winnowill to resemble a bird himself. Both fight the Recognition at first, but eventually give in and Dewshine becomes pregnant. Winnowill put all Gliders but the Chosen Eight into deep sleep, and attempted to use their magic powers to shape Blue Mountain into a vessel to leave the World of Two Moons. This plan was foiled by the Wolfriders.

The already re-shaped Blue Mountain shattered, and nearly all Gliders were killed — as a people or tribe, the Gliders do not exist anymore. What follows is a difficult but enlightening journey, in which the elves' most basic assumptions about the world are turned upside down as they meet humans who are more good than they ever hoped, elves more evil than they ever imagined, and trolls more aggressive than they ever feared.

Throughout these adventures, Cutter and his companions learn about the world and themselves in profound ways. Originally a migrating tribe, the Go-Backs are named after a sudden desire to "go back" to the palace of the High Ones. The Palace has a strong pull on all elves once in range, the Go-Backs were the first to stumble on it since the High Ones were driven away. First appearing to save Cutter and his followers from a war party of trolls in a snow-bound tundra, the Go-Backs are arctic-dwelling elk-herders, bearing about the same resemblance to Sami as the Wolfriders do to Iroquois and the Sun Folk to Mesoamericans that is to say, mainly in costume.

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They are highly warlike and hardened, being locked in continual strife with the trolls who bar their way to the palace. They have a prejudice against "magic", but not to the extent of persecuting its users. The Go-Backs, so removed from magic, no longer rely on Recognition to procreate.

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They provided the bulk of the military strength that allowed the completion of the first quest, and lost half their numbers in doing so. The High Ones were an advanced race, resembling the aliens known as 'greys'; they were stranded on Abode after their ship, the Palace, was sabotaged from within and crash-landed.

There are few, if any, known High Ones remaining on Abode, though they live on in their descendants, the Elves, Trolls and Preservers. While not an 'adaptation' in the strictest sense of the term, Piers Anthony's 13th Xanth novel Isle of View introduces a character named Jenny Elf, a Wolfrider who was magically brought to Xanth from Abode after a tragic accident. Jenny Elf, by the author's own admission, is a tribute to a young girl who was paralyzed by a drunk driver. Jenny Elf continues to be a character in subsequent Xanth novels. Warp Graphics published the first volume of a graphic novel adaptation of Isle of View entitled Return to Centaur.

In , the Pinis announced in Elfquest that talks had been initiated by Nelvana to produce an animated film based on the story, which was contemplated to open after issue 20's anticipated release in late In , Warner Brothers announced its intention to bring the Elfquest saga to the big screen, with Rawson Thurber serving as writer and director. The format live action, CGI, or traditional animation is yet unknown.

However, it was confirmed on Elfquest ' s official Facebook page that Warner Bros ultimately said "no"; the ostensible reason is that Warner Bros didn't want the film competing with their film The Hobbit. In there are rumours of recapping the project on behalf of the producers of a fanmade trailer which appeared a few years ago.

In the early s, an ad for a multi-volume animated adaptation of Elfquest appeared in the comic. A few issues later, the Pinis told readers they'd withdrawn from the deal, and that readers should ask for refunds. Covering the first volume of the book, it consists of color still images taken straight from the comic, some minor animation, and spoken dialogue.

The Pinis donated original art for the fundraising campaign, and lent an original dress to the production. With his magic compass he whisks his four grandkids off on whirlwind adventures, taking them all around the globe.. Title Hey Grandude! In the s Paul changed the world with The Beatles. No duplicates within each lot. All of the books have been checked to make sure they are in good condition or better. Pictures are examples only, you may or may not receive exact titles pictured. Only 1 left! Rowling [ Paperback ].

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