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Showing Average rating 3. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Feb 26, DawnMarie Carpintero rated it really liked it.

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This is the first time I have read anything from this author and surely will not be my last. The author brings a refreshing spin on an online read that is run by a female. She is the mogul but at the same time she is the one that brings a man to his knees to a sense. A knock-out female that owns and operates the online Pulse but has the alpha female going on there.

She wants what she wants and seems to take no prisoners at wha 4 Stars This book was recommended to me and for that I thank the person. She wants what she wants and seems to take no prisoners at what she wants. The reservations that are going on with her seem obsolete to some extent but since this is the first book in this series I can't really say much more than this alpha female has the right man between her legs or does she?

There seems to be not only one but 4 stories going on with at the same time. Each character brings their own thoughts to the table in hearts but what may seem to be one thing may not truly be?

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We shall see.. Happy Reading Feb 28, Dora rated it it was amazing. This is the first time I read a book by this author, Jennifer King. This was a different storyline, but it keeps you reading to the end to find out what happened. I love stories about strong independent women who get what they want. The seduction and p This is the first time I read a book by this author, Jennifer King. The seduction and power play between Linda and Callen is astounding where they have no problem mixing business and pleasure. What happens with two powerful people and their egos get in the way?

Will they be able to continue the seduction in the bedroom? The author has an inimitable flair for describing sexual scenes. This book will pique your interest. Jan 26, Natalie rated it it was amazing. Wow - this is a great story line with some very steamy, sexy scenes. The story is about a woman CEO who worked a gossip website business up from the ground to be the leader in the industry.

She had help from a sexy, hot guy named Reilly, who, of course, she has sex in the office with. The story is about her business merging with another power-house business and how she is going to sign the contract, if she doesn't fall for the billionaire who owns the business her's is merging with. Warning - thi Wow - this is a great story line with some very steamy, sexy scenes. Warning - this book has some hot sex scenes that make the story fun to read, but not intended for under There is nothing kinky, just normal sex, but in office environments. View 1 comment.

Feb 27, Nene rated it it was ok. Ok Read It was hard for me to get into the story, I think because of the way the sex scene was worded. I've never heard sex organs named that way, so it threw me off so I could never relate to the story. So for that reason I gave it a 2. View all 3 comments. Mar 03, Randi Hilsercop rated it it was amazing. Great start to a series! Loved this book! Short read but very hot ; loved the characters I think that Reilly might need to give Anna a call in the next book ; Can't wait to start the next book in this series. Feb 27, Lori rated it it was amazing.

I love the way this author writes. The merger between the two companies was very symbolic since they merged on more than one level. Great story! The plot was at first familiar but it turned out to be completely otherwise. I enjoyed the twists and turns that finally lead up to the ending. Absolutely loved this read! So fun to get to know these characters!

I couldn't put it down! Great read!!!!! Mar 02, Jamie Leigh rated it really liked it. Mar 13, Phyllis Lindblom rated it really liked it. Love the story line and the attraction between Linda and John is explosive. You could also argue that encountering the Abbot of St. Our heroes discovered that the Abbot had created a female flesh golem he hoped to present to Strahd in hopes it would end his loneliness, and thus his curse, and free Barovia of his rule.

He moves with the grace of a s Curse of Strahd is the most recent Ravenloft module and, so far, the only one set in 5e.

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I had finally realized what that twisting feeling in my gut was caused from: familiarity — all of this was sounding just too familiar. It has a gothic horror theme and is known for its involvement of vampires. Welcome to the campaign home page. Final hour. You didn't know Unsinful had the devs on speed dial? A gazebo is falling down around a statue of a man facing east with no In a coup, Curse of Strahd was created in consultation with original Ravenloft designers Tracy and Laura Hickman.

The group was bringing Diath's corpse to the abbey. Strix tried to use hold person to rescue Ireena, but inadvertently caused her to fall to her death. An obsession with death, brought on by the bleak and hopeless land in which he was born has led to his This was the Abbot, and he introduced himself and Vasilika, the strangely silent woman.

A goodly woman who used to heal the sick and ailing. Curse of Strahd Part 10! Listening to this old, dead knight — his order dismantled and his home collapsed — listening to him curse Strahd and wish nothing but pain onto him… it warms a man's heart. The people of Krezk don't seem to be aware of what A voice replied- but not one of his allies. Then Strahd will love the golem like he should! Count Strahd von Zarovich is a fictional character originally appearing as the feature villain in the highly popular Advanced Dungeons and Dragons adventure module I6: Ravenloft.

Not much for conversation, Vladimir quickly drew and engaged in combat. The group walked up the hill to the abbey to the main gate which opened with a loud screech. May 25, This is a departure from the published Curse of Strahd adventure, which is very Diath really doesn't want the Abbot resurrecting him. The party, however, is prepared to take the abbot up on his offer if it means resurrecting Tom Mason, and they depart for the abbey.

She is to be the bride of Strahd, and everything must be right before he presents her to him. What will they do to screw it up? Find out as we continue playing Curse of Strahd, a Dungeons and Dragons adventure. As Speedy's curse begins to rage out of control, the Druids of Yesterhill begin their ritual to summon an edifice of Strahd they call Wintersplinter. Reading Time: 8 minutes.

It is run by FrozenFrost, and is currently bi-weekly, with new episodes being livestreamed every other Thursday at 1pm PST. I hear them say something about birth of first boy of the season. Once a monument to health and sanity, the Abbot Hill Asylum has been corrupted over the years and now lies in a state of irrepairable decay. They recovered a magical greatsword, a magical ring intended for his former They were briefed by the Martikov family, who have revealed themselves to be part of a group of Wereravens in opposition to Strahd called the Keepers of the Feather.

Once again he is tr How a Curse of Strahd adventure took an unexpected turn. The party escapes out of a door in the back Anti made and on a boat she made. As the members of the party stood over the fallen forms of the Abbot and his angelic ally, and stared into the pitch black eyes of the demon Re: Curse of Strahd, Amber Temple I think the concept with the temple is okay, the problem comes from looking at the CoS campaign in a vacuum, so to speak. He was put in charge of looking after Hello all I am running a Ravenloft game, which is basically going to be a mix of Curse of Strahd and the 3.

Lira's account of the first battle with Strahd. Welcome to what will hopefully be a useful guide to running Curse of Strahd. My goal here is to provide a resource for all of us DMs to us. Helvelia takes Freek to Kresk and gives him to the mayor. Some in the village believed he was an agent of Strahd, while others believed he was Strahd himself. The party does not believe this is possible.

Amber Temple Once you draw Strahd's attention and survive his challenge, the extra chest has a chance of containing named loot. In the mean time he is a powerful ally. Thanks, ENnies voters! Sean of Caecilius Ras fame from our Curse of Strahd campaign caught the DM bug, and after a successful two-parter if you can call mercilessly murdering the player Since Arakasii was short on time, he wanted us to do Killing Time before Strahd, and I said ok. We've provided a selection of untagged maps of Barovia for use in your home and online games.

I want to get out of this place and find the orcs that killed my clan! I also notice Cerric goes out with some lady down the road. Tagged with sad, dnd, dungeonsanddragons, dndmap, curseofstrahd; Shared by arnold Led by the Abbot of Saint Markovia, a celestial. Curse of Strahd is the most recent Ravenloft module and, so far, the only one set in 5e. Brian suggested the characters should act accordingly to what they know. Markovia the party made some deals with the Abbot and Ezmerelda who is waiting for Strahd The Curse of Strahd - R1 pulled the medium armor in Strahd and passed it to Allizom.

Sadly, some are only justifications for their plot-function Rahadin, Madam Eva, Baba Lysaga , others simply fail to go anywhere despite their potential Izek, the Velikovs, the Abbot, Pidlwick. Completion time with waiting inside for everyone : 53 minutes, 12 seconds. We'll go over the possibility of an anticlimax at the end and come up with. He told them that the Abbot was a fallen angel who was happy to compromise with Strahd for convenience.

It is the first fifth edition module to feature Ravenloft. Each time the PCs achieve one of these milestones, they all gain a level. The Reception is the calm before the storm. There are a lot of details in a lot of different places and it can be very difficult to fit it all together. He has not yet been encountered in his true form, but the party suspects they met him their first night at the Blood of the Vine tavern disguised as Ismark Kolyanovich.

They lead us on to meet the Abbot whom they serve. Not that he mentioned any of the other exploitative mechanics that were being done in that raid. Strahd, aware of the Abbot's experiments with bodies, rightfully reasons that the Abbot also knows the secrets of transferring souls between bodies. I wrote a Guide to Curse of Strahd which might help you figure out other stuff, too.

Curse of Strahd NPCs retooled I felt kind of blah about some of the NPC stat blocks for major protagonists in the adventure, so I converted three of those most likely to do some adventuring with the player characters into PC-classed characters. He resisted the lie, but eventually came on board once she told him he was now in charge of the Abbey, and could drink all the wine he wanted.

When I defeat the Devil Strahd and lift the mists from this land I hope that the rays of the sun will guide the Abbot back to his path. The party's triumphant return to a full length session in Barovia as they get back down to business in tracking down the allies and artifacts they need to defeat Strahd!

But as he and Davun exchange words, it seems the holy men may have less in common than previously believed. So I think it makes sense for a lot of players to think the My group recently arrived at the Abbey of St. His plan to placate Strahd with the gift of a frankenstein real doll is quite mad. The Burgomaster found him extremely persuasive, and A handsome young man in a white monk's robe. The sun is completely blocked out and the sky is gray, but the pool shimmers and sparkles.

A couple of very, very minor points: I understood that the abbot was making the flesh golem out of parts that came from women who were already dead. Now it is filled with monstrosities stitched and put together by the great Abbot. I was ready and paying attention this time, I think we only lost people from grip during doors. At supper tonight Strahd unbur - f, and lamented the curse that s followed him through the Curse of Strahd won the gold ENnie for Best Cover.

Small town far to the west along the western border of Barovia. The drawing has no magical power to it, nor can Strahd see through it, even though Strahd would normally be able to do such a thing with pictures depicted of him. After securing your horses and meeting back up at the Blue Water Inn, you went to the edge of Vallaki where Lynessa used her banshee's countenance to scare the l The Psychological Abuse of Curse of Strahd January 23, Shelly Jones 5 Comments While much has been looked at in terms of video games and their psychological effect on players, 1 little has been explored about the psychological implications of tabletop RPGs.

Markovia and really took a 'shine' to the Abbot and his Mongrelfolk. He and his army cornered the last of these enemies in a remote mountain valley before slaying them all. Six Heroes are drawn in to pit themselves against the evil of Strahd Von Zarovich.

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I doubt many adventurers have explored a haunted mansion whilst the entire population of a village is camping on the front porch! A painted wooden holy symbol that depicts the sun hangs from a chain around his neck. The cleric in the Village of Barovia suggested taking Ireena to the abbey. He is another priest of the Morning lord — a powerful one if his abilities are as claimed. You can successfully run the adventure You can tell it is suppose to be Strahd and not just any vampire, but it is as the person who drew it only saw him once and only for a few seconds.

Tank: TitusOvid, trinkets: Thazara, Osiride. Still need to prep the castle itself, but hopefully I can get that done soon since my Church game is mostly prepped for the next week. Mongrelfolk servant and chef of Strahd Emil Toranescu. A four-hour adventure for character levels written by Ash Law, it has the adventurers rescuing the leader of an orc tribe from a slither of yuan ti serving a dracolich. Running Curse of Strahd, part 5 — Argynvostholt The exploration of Argynvostholt, a large ruined manor in the heart of Barovia, began under strange circumstances.

Markovia in Krezk. I basically want three types of musical pieces, story arch music, dramatic moment music, and reoccurring music. Contents[show] Plot Curse of Strahd is a fairly free-form adventure where the characters are drawn into Barovia and must defeat Strahd to escape. There are no major or minor milestones although you could come up with them, but again, avoid creating more work for yourself. The Tempter. I read the HC from cover to cover several times, and finally decided that I'd give this a shot. When the party breaks the news to Krezkov that an avalanche claimed his wife and her retinue, he concludes that the entire bargain was a ruse by Strahd to first tempt him and then punish him for his hubris.

Later, this character and his world would be explored in follow-up modules, novels, and a campaign setting called Ravenloft. Instead, she threw herself off a mountain. Strahd Von Zarovich is the main antagonist of the Curse of Strahd movies he will also appear in other Ravenloft movies by Leostales, he is played by Ben Mendelsohn. Front Page the night before we face the abbot again Draug sleeps fitfully before the impending confrontation, pressing his hand to the now embedded holy symbol in his chest seems to calm him, and he dreams deeply.

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In return, the Abbot asked if the party would fetch a proper wedding gown, perhaps frmo the town of Vallaki. Arken began as a martial class, believing his hands best used for fighting. He is a deva sent to deliver the Abbey of Saint Markovia from corruption , but the dark land delivered its corruption upon him instead.

This is a lie that Strahd told the Deva to corrupt him even further.

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And all the combat! Strahd von Zarovich killed his brother so his crush, Tatyana would love him.

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If he yet lives, the Abbot crashes the wedding to object, offering his flesh golem, Vasilka, instead. I think I even smiled. The abbot can protect her. Kill Strahd. I would suggest that you create an outline of the places you want the group to go to, and in what order. Fourteenth Day of the Sixth Month Year s monster than meets the eye. It used to be a place of healing and rest, in honor of one Saint Markovia. It was now time for them to go to Krezk with the winecarts, fulfilling their pledge to the villagers and thus gaining access.

Pirates attempt to gain a foothold in House Deneith before conquering Stormreach. There was some decent interest in running this, so off I went. Obsidian Portal allows you to create campaign websites for tabletop roleplaying games. Please help improve this page by adding links that are relevant to the context within the existing text. Totally-not-a-villain Strahd The Abbot continued his tour of the Abbey of St Markovia, and introduced Vasilka - surely the foretold woman "who is more than the sum of her parts". Find what you're looking for with a sparkling new UI and filters that make your search easy!

Spoilers for Curse of Strahd ahead! Turn up the night, it feels so right In this post, I want to break down the second "half" of Death House, areas and the ending. In life, Strahd von Zarovich was a count, a prince, a soldier, and a conqueror. The Burgomaster found him extremely persuasive, and The man responsible for the Abbey of Saint Markovia is said to have arrived at the village of Krezk approximately a century ago and has not aged a day since.

Had to leave suddenly, she said. This twisted pursuit corrupted the Abbot and drove him mad. Under raging storm clouds, the vampire Count Strahd von Zarovich stands silhouetted against the ancient walls of Castle Ravenloft. Better manage your group and your campaign, and have a better game.