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Test takers read and review between three and five separate reading passages — each about words long — and then answer a series of questions about each academic passage. Questions are presented in different formats e. Tasks: Read three to five passages of prose and answer a series of questions in different formats. ETS uses different native-speaker English accents from North America, the United Kingdom, Australia or New Zealand to better reflect the range of accents a student may encounter while studying abroad.

There are generally between six and nine listening passages, with a set of questions for each passage. Tasks: Listen to a variety of passages from academic lectures, classroom conversations and campus conversations and answer questions about each passage. It is 20 minutes long and test takers are required to complete six tasks.

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Speaking into a microphone, test takers answer two different types of questions: independent and integrated speaking. For each task, test takers receive short preparation time between 15 and 30 seconds and then provide a spoken response 60 seconds in length. There are two writing prompts. The first is based on reading a written passage, listening to a lecture and writing an essay based on the relationship between the two passages.

In the second, test takers write an essay based on a prompt and use personal experience to support their opinion on the topic. Tasks: Write an essay based on reading and listening passages and compose a second essay based on personal opinion. TOEFL scores range from zero to However, there is no passing or failing score as each individual university or institution determines their TOEFL score requirements.

Below is an overview of how the exam is scored and the scales used in each section. Human raters score the writing and speaking portions of the examination.

They are certified and participate in scoring calibration tasks to ensure they meet quality benchmarks. Each individual section is scored between zero and 30, for a total possible score of Reading and listening scores are determined by the number of correct answers provided by the test taker. Speaking and writing scores are evaluated slightly differently, based on assessment rubrics. The tables below outline the proficiency level by questions answered correctly and further explains the scoring methods for speaking and writing sections.

In the speaking section, each task receives a rating from zero to four. ETS converts scores into a scale of zero to ETS-certified test scorers evaluate how well test takers develop their thoughts and provide a well-spoken answer in English. Each essay is scored on a scale of zero to five. Those scores are converted by ETS into a scale of zero to Scores are evaluated on different features, such as grammar, vocabulary, and organization. ETS uses both human raters and automated scoring technology to assess linguistic features, along with human judgment for essay material.

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A writing section scoring guide is available from ETS. It is important to understand what is expected of them prior to arriving to the test center. The testing process is regimented, monitored, and controlled. Plan on arriving at the test center at least 30 minutes or more before the scheduled start time of the examination. Cell phones and other electronic devices are not allowed to be brought into the test center.

Personal items e. The registration number can be found on the registration conformation. The day before the test, students should log in to their TOEFL iBT online account to view the test order and print the registration confirmation.


Bring at least two forms of approved identification to the testing center on test day. The name on the identification and registration must match exactly. If they do not match, you will not be allowed to take the test and testing fee will not be refunded. General identification requirements include the following:.

It is recommended test takers bring some water and a snack to eat during the mandatory break period.

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After checking in to the test center, a test administrator will assign you a seat, provide a pencil, paper for notes, and headphones with an attached microphone. The exam period starts on time, is highly regulated, and controlled by a test administrator.

Note: the computer is the official timekeeper. Be sure to monitor the time on the computer screen, to ensure you complete each section on time.

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Once the exam has started, test takers may not access their personal items, such as backpacks or electronic devices. Test takers may be videotaped while taking a test for security reasons and test administrators monitor each step of the testing process. After completing the Reading and Listening portion of the exam, test takers are required to take a minute break.

Upon returning from a break, test takers must again present their identifications to test administrators. Using the restroom or taking breaks are allowed throughout the examination, but it is important to remember the clock does not stop for any reason. Test takers should use personal discretion if they need to take an additional break, so they can finish each section on time. There are a series of exemptions for individuals for individuals who submit and receive an approved testing accommodations request forms, such as additional breaks in testing time e.

Test takers are provided instructions for answering questions on each section of the examination. Note taking is allowed throughout the test. The speaking section is delivered on the computer and for speaking tasks, test takers use a headset with a microphone. Test takers will read passages on the computer screen and listen to passages or conversations through the headset.

There is a variety of test preparation materials available to individuals interested in taking the TOEFL. Ranging from test questions to practice tests, skill-building resources to full prep courses, test takers can leverage these materials to achieve the highest score possible. A free resource, there are four volumes of Quick Prep available. Each volume includes questions for each section of the test: listening, speaking, writing, and reading.

2. Use “the” for Defined Things, People or Places

Volumes one and two include transcripts of the audio portion of the listening, writing and speaking sections of the examination. These question are actual questions used in previous examinations and can be downloaded in a PDF. An online education resource, TestDEN provides multiple TOEFL preparation materials, including in-depth overviews of each section of the test, an online study course, grammar guides, speaking tutorials, and writing practice resources.

Learn4Good provides free interactive examples of TOEFL test questions including similar computer-based questions, details on the layout of the test and lessons on basic English grammar. Find full-length practice questions on the four sections of the TOEFL: reading, structure, listening and writing. The Online Writing Lab OWL at Purdue University features a variety of free writing resources and materials to help strengthen and improve English grammar and writing skills. Improve reading skills and vocabulary, learn a new word of the day and participate in crossword puzzles through the New York Times Learning Network.

Find lesson plans, writing questions, contests and a variety of interesting and thoughtful blogs and stories. Toefl Guidebook. What does the test measure? How are test scores used? What are the requirements to register?

General strategies to help you prepare for the TOEFL test

Online Registration. Phone Registration. Mail Registration. Box Princeton, New Jersey Reading 60 - minutes Listening 60 - 90 minutes Break 10 minutes Speaking 20 minutes Writing 50 minutes. Section Description Reading The reading section assesses reading comprehension skills. Passages are academic focused, like those found in college textbooks.

Subjects vary, ranging from philosophy to literature, science to psychology. Listening The listening section measures the test taker's ability to understand English conversations. These conversations include academic lectures and dialogues, conversations similar to what a student may encounter on-campus. Conversations are traditionally divided among physical science, the arts, life science, and social science topics. Divided across different tasks, test takers read passages aloud, answer questions after reading a short passage, speaking on a topic prompt, and answer questions about different conversations.

Writing The writing section gauges the test taker's written abilities in academic settings, including grasp of language, organization, grammar, and argument development. The iBT includes sections on reading comprehension, listening, speaking and writing:. The score for reading and listening comprehension range 0 to The speaking and writing sections are evaluated by a certified appraiser, and the range of scores from 0 to 4 in speech, and 0 to 5 in writing.

The ratings are converted to match the scale of 0 to 30 and is judged as follows:. The PBT tests include listening comprehension, structure and written expression, reading comprehension and an essay:. PBT scores are reported very differently than iBT scores. The total score of PBT extends from to Listening and the structure and range of scores from 31 to 68 writing and reading comprehension ranging from 31 to Test scores can vary from 1 to 6 and, not considered in the overall score, are reported separately.